UWIS provides location data for the underwater science.

image: Dave Gration

Scientific diving


UWIS provides location data for the underwater science. UWIS helps in navigation, data collection and safety for example marine biology and archeology.

Together with Alltab underwater tablet it is powerful tool for real wireless working. Alltab provides full touch screen tablet for navigator and data collection software (Allure). You can upload your findings to the cloud right after your dive.

Time stamped location data is easy to use in 3D modelling software (photogrammetry) for more efficient and accurate modelling.

UWIS is also very useful in ROV navigation even in shallow waters.



UWIS’s benefits to scientists


Diving is efficient due to fast navigation and quidance features. Marked spots are easy to find in the future dives.


Scientific diver typically is fully consentrated into scientific work. UWIS system can send alarm when diver drifts too far from the dive buddy or agreed surgacing point.

New technologies and impressiveness

Underwater location data enables for example photogrammetry more faster and easily with lower investments.