UWIS dive equipment company provides gear for underwater navigation



UWIS Oy, founded in 2014 actively develops new scuba diving equipment and systems for underwater navigation, tracking and communications. UWIS diving gear enables real-time tracking and control of large dive groups.

UWIS (UnderWater Information Systems) system provides real-time 3D location data of a dive and shares it with all dive members both on the surface and underwater.

The system allows divers to know own and their buddies location, communicate with each other and follow pre-set waypoints and POIs as well as other divers.

The UWIS story


UWIS was developed to aid in underwater search and rescue missions. It stems from the real need of all divers to be able to pinpoint their and their targets location underwater and to help work methodically and record all dive data.


It all started in Utö, Finland

The idea for UWIS was born in the middle of the 1990’s in the island of Utö, where the father of the system, Esko Jukkala, followed the work of local SAR divers. The only location system the divers had in the murky waters was a guideline. The event and need for a better location system were left to brew in Jukkalas mind.

The idea lives on

In 2012 the idea re-surfaced as Jukkala saw on television, how local divers searched for the body of a drowned Finnish sports diver in Spain. He then started to contemplate a system that would enable the divers to cover the whole assigned search area.

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Into a prototype

The starting point was that a diver should always know his or her position and the positions of other group members. Jukkala had already tested the use of ultrasound for underwater communications. Now these tests were refined into a system that uses triangulation principle to define its position. The first prototypes of UWIS were built and tested in 2015.

Product to market

The UWIS system was piloted by customers during 2018. It was released at DemaShow in Las Vegas in November 2018 and it has since been sold with a focus on professional and scientific diving.

IMG_4138.jpgimage: Dave Gration

The system achieves a big role with underwater actors.

The UWIS system is already used by numerous divers, scientific communities and authorities around the world. So far, the systems have been sold to 29 different countries and the number is growing at an accelerating pace. The most important thing for us is a satisfied customer and safe and efficient dives