For accurate and reliable ROV Tracking

Image: Udo Hurdes

ROV Tracking


UWIS enables accurate and reliable tracking of all underwater devices such as ROVs.

Powerful tool for example for Marine Police, Coast Guard, MIL and Rescue Services.

UWIS System is cost efficient, brand independent and robust tracking system. It is possible to integrate for working with side scan sonar systems.


UWIS’s benefits for ROV Tracking

Accurate and robust for interferences

UWIS has unique method to communicate underwater which gives it good performance in demanding conditions like in harbors, quarries and through the thermoclines.

Independence and easy to use

System for tracking any underwater object. No calibrations or difficult assemblies.


UWIS System is wireless system which can be integrated with other software like ROV control software or side scan viewers. UWIS Tracker software shares NMEA GGA export for one unit via serial port.