UWIS provides better dive safety and more memorable diving experiences

Recreational diving


UWIS offers better diver safety for recreational divers and helps them to better find the interesting locations underwater. It helps to avoid getting lost and provides for a maximum diving experience.

The dive master is able to constantly track all divers from surface or undewater and communicate with them using pre-programmed messages. He can also update the waypoints if needed. Underwater the dive master can track dive members, help stragglers and react to emergencies quickly.

The underwater communications also works inside the group, so even first time divers can concentrate on exploring the underwater world without fearing of getting lost.

After the dive diver may have nice track presentation over the Google Earth maps.


UWIS’s benefits for casual divers:

Get more out of a dive

Enables concentrating on underwater experience.

Easy underwater navigation

Clear and easy navigation to points of interest and constant knowledge of the location and direction of other group members and the dive master.

More safety

Constant tracking of the divers enables fast reaction in case of emergency.