UWIS dive recording system makes underwater work safe and efficient.

Search & Rescue diving


UWIS is a unique system for underwater location, communications and data recording. Dive recording and tracking enables systematic and efficient operations in challenging environments like strong currents and low visibility.

Because of real time location data and data recording, the dive leader is able to plan, track and direct the divers more efficiently than before. UWIS is very useful tool for SAR exercises.

UWIS is a rugged tool designed for tough use in rough conditions. It has been designed with professional use in mind, so it can be trusted even in a tight spot.


UWIS’s benefits for SAR:

Accurate location data

Accurate location and direction data enable efficient and organised work and following through of the mission plan in all conditions.

Real-time management

The managing of a dive can be conducted efficiently in real time, thanks to the two-way communications and location data.

Dive recording

Every dive is recorded so performance can be reviewed and analysed later to develop the actions.