UWIS dive: SOF gear test event

UWIS attended for special operations forces' (SOF) gear testing event, "outer-limits experience week" at lake Grundlsee, Austria.


Mission: UWIS was involved in presenting the opportunities offered by UWIS to train special forces and provide additional diving safety. Some commercial diving gears was also presented at the event.


Watch the video:

UWIS in experience week
Snapshot - 280.png

The week began with a traditional demonstration and exchibition event, where each party presented their offerings to members of the special forces from seven different countries.

In addition to UWIS, URSUIT was also presented from Finland.

We had a good luck for the weather. A year earlier, the event had been passed in the snowstorm.


The water temperature was 17 degrees, the visibility about 10 meters and the maximum depth was about 25m.

Event was hosted by outer-limits GMBH and has a long history.

The UWIS buoys were installed less than 100 meters from the shore, covering the entire testing area for monitoring purposes.

Below are photos of UWIS at the destination.

Snapshot - 281.png
Snapshot - 282.png
Snapshot - 284.png
Snapshot - 290.png

The Finnish representatives carried out two dives using UWIS. The first dive marked the spots to be sought and the second looked at how well those could be found again.

The image shows how the diver finds his way directly to the target with Navigator guidance. The top of the view shows the direction and distance to the target.

Snapshot - 287.png

Jorge, a Chilean, wanted to write "UWIS" while driving fast on the lake.

The UWIS dive unit was attached to an Alltab tablet on the top of the scooter. Another unit was attached to the man's back for comparison. The unit on the back is usually the most reliable in tracking due to the best visibility to the UWIS buoys.

The photos below show how Jorge succeeded in his first UWIS dive. It was nearly perfect and the minor error with letter S will be corrected next time.

The first photo shows what the performance looked like on the surface and the second how he saw it himself.

Thanks Jorge  "UWI~" ;)

Snapshot - 285.pngOnshore view
Snapshot - 286.pngUnderwater view

Below are photos of the waterline just because they look so great!

We believe that while special forces diving is largely about long distance travelling and hiding, UWIS can bring new training methods and security when risks are not yet needed to take.

Snapshot - 66.png
Snapshot - 65.png
Snapshot - 67.png