UWIS references

UWIS References


UWIS participates in dives and diving exercises around the world and for various diving purposes. We have collected some examples that highlight the potential of the UWIS System.

Watch a summary video from here: UWIS Use Cases


UWIS Dive: SAR exercise

UWIS in search & rescue exercise (Southwest Finland Emergency Services)


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UWIS Dive: SAR exercise with ROV & Alltab

UWIS in search & rescue exercise with ROV & Alltab (DLRG Pöcking - Starnberg e.V., Germany)


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UWIS dive: Searching with ROV

UWIS System is efficient tool for real-time ROV tracking and route verification


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UWIS Dive: Scientific diver training

UWIS was used for European Scientific Diving (ESD) training course (Kristineberg, Sweden).


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UWIS Dive: Wreck diving at Gribshunden

UWIS was part of a muntinational research team. Destined in 1495 sunken wreck Gribshunden (Ronneby, Sweden).


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UWIS Dive: Photogrammetry

UWIS participated in a wreck photogrammetry dive trip on the Baltic Sea, Finland.


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UWIS Dive: Group dive under the ice cover

UWIS had a major role in group dive with 10 divers (Taivassalo, Finland)


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UWIS Dive: SOF gear testing

UWIS joined the SOF gear test event at Outer-Limits experience week, Austria.


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UWIS Dive: Side scan sonar

UWIS co-operated with DeepVision's side scan sonar at Karlskrona, Sweden.


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