Designed specification

Rated to 150m

Min. 14 hours on battery (lithium-ion)

Supported area min. 600m diameter

Number of divers up to 200pcs

Number of point of interests max 200 pcs

At least 30 different alarms/ messages

Connectivity: BLE, Wifi, Inductive

Wireless charging (5/10 hours)

Horizontal accuracy +-2,5m/ +-0,5m (absol./relat.)

Vertical accuracy +-0,1m

Recorded diging log (positions, time, messages...)

Surface software PC/ MAC (browser)

Max distance to computer from buoy 200m

Wireless firmware update


The system consist of three or more floating buoys, all equipped with GPS, wireless communication and capability to convey sonar pulses. All divers have a small equipment capable of receiving and sending sonar pulses and which are wireless connected to a underwater display unit. On board crew is planning and monitoring the dive with UWIS application. This innovation is patented.

Diver.pngDiver unit (tank connected, size 10,5 x 11,5 x 9,4 cm)
Buoy.pngBuoy (3 pcs, height 1,9m (1,0m storage))