UWIS offers efficient diver tracking for controlling large dive groups

Dive travel organisations


UWIS is an underwater diver tracking and communications system that enables efficient and safe control of large dive groups. One set of buoys covers an area of 800 meters across and the software is able to track up to 100 divers simultaneously.

With the help of UWIS the surface personnel is able tor track the divers in real time. This enables them to keep track of the location and status of each diver and to communicate with them with pre-set messages.

The messages used to control and direct a diving group make the dive safer and more enjoyable for everyone and help them to stay on schedule.

Because of the individual diver tracking the dive master or backup divers can be directed straight to the stragglers or divers in trouble. This also enables them to better concentrate to the controlling of the diving group.


UWIS’s benefits to the dive travel organisers

Diving is safer

Diving is safer, as the stragglers can be spotted before they get lost.

Faster reactions

Dive master or backup divers can be directed quickly to the right diver in case of emergency.

More memorable dives

Point to point navigation enables directing of the divers to interesting targets, making the dive more efficient and memorable.