UWIS makes diving more social and rewarding

Advanced sports diving


UWIS makes a dive more memorable and offers a load of data to be used later. For example the dive route can be tracked and recorded for sharing online or dive data can be added to a video shot during the dive.

Using points of interest (POI) and waypoints to navigate underwater makes diving more organised and helps finding and sharing interesting locations. Waypoints can also be used to plan and share dive routes or missions to other divers.

Location and tracking data makes diving safer as all divers can be tracked in real time. This means more social, more memorable and safer diving.


UWIS’s benefits for advanced diving

Versatile metering

Metering helps to get more out of dives, makes them more professional and enables recording of the performance.

Comprehensive sharing

Easier and more comprehensive sharing of the dives thanks to underwater location tracking.

Use of POI-information

POIs make finding and sharing of interesting locations easier.