Route Planning

You can plan your dive beforehand by adding route marks, point of interests and for example exit point. By using this feature you can navigate through difficult areas, see all you planned to see and check later if you achieved your plan.


Using ultrasound communication protocol under water all divers may communicate between each other with pre-specified messages, alarms and notices. The system offers the same possibility between divers and personnel above the water surface.


Divers know their own relative and/or absolute position, similar to GPS over the water surface. First time ever, all divers can follow their dive buddies as well! Position may be displayed in relation to the landmarks, boats, dive buddies etc.


The system will show all interesting locations you have planned to see or which are stored during the dive. There are several options for display unit: Dive computer, PC, tablet...


The system will display the directions and where you should continue. Optionally you can see directions and distances to the buddies, home or other interesting points.


When you see your own position, nearby locations and planned route the system can provide you the instructions to follow. Think about diving via tourist route with attractions.


You can preset limits for example distance to your buddy, dive master or exit point, maximum depth and minimum air pressure. The system raise audio and visual alerts underwater and above the surface.

Dive Management

The surface personnel may update, preset or add new route marks during the dive. They can ask all divers up or change the preset exit point. Ability to follow dive gives possibility to affect single diver or whole group.


You can follow the dive on the boat, shore or over the internet and see diving data like air pressure, divers positions and sent messages. Even if you are not diving yourself by monitoring the dive you can participate actively.

Underwater Position

Our product will provide absolute and relative underwater 3D positions of a set of divers in real time to all of them and to the crew above the water surface.